Skin Lightening or Whitening Products (Band: 5, 268 words)

Promoted everyday in TV’s commercials, skin whitening products have reached their market. In many parts of the world, there is a profitable market for skin lightening or whitening products. This essay will discuss the reasons for using products and having effects in term of health and society.

People use skin whitening products for several reasons. Wanting beautiful look is a common reason. Many beauty contests organised were campaigning new mindset that looked lighten or whiten skin is more beatiful. People get influenced and buy more products of skin whitening. Sponsored by cosmetics manufacturers, beauty contests were succesful to attract many people buy their products. Another reason why people use skin whitening products is to be accepted in special community, such as socialita club. The high standard of their lifestyle need the members have good look in skin and face. So they try to use whitening products in order to make their look suitable with other members.

Using whitening products can caused several effects to skin itself. Skin irritation which is the most seeing effect is the one. Whitening products containing harm ingredients can make skin inflamate and look burning. Every skin has characteristic that sometimes is not suitable with those ingredients. Using whitening products also can cause bad relationship in community. They are on racing of buying new products and do not realize the bad effect on health and society.

In sum up, people have reasons in using whitening products in order to want beautiful look and to accepted in social community. While using products also causes some effect such as skin irritation and bad relationship in community.


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