Overweight in Children (Band: NOT ASSESSED, 257 words)

Overweight in children had been a serious health problem, especially in western society. The percentage of overweight in children has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years. This essay will discuss the causes and effect of this disturbing trend.

Overweight in children can be caused by several things. First, it is fast food restaurants. Many fast food restaurants which are provided food containing high fats and calories were opened in the las ten years. Children are very like these kind of food. They can easily reach the restaurants where the food can be bought in a cheap price. Another cause is less exercise. Children have less exercise also caused overweight. They prefer watch TV and play video games rather than play some exercises. By not doing exercise, their body get fats and calories more and more. As result, they are overweight.

Having a body with overweight is bad for children as it has several effects. Overweight made children not easy moving. They can not move and play with their friends because their body is heavy. Overweight also triggers health problems such as diabetes. Overwehgt indicates the body has much fat and sugar as calories. In fact, diabetes is a diesease as effect of consuming much sugar and problem with insulin hormone.

In sum up, there are several causes and effects that can be found in overweight children. Some causes are many fast food restaurants were opened and children had less exercise, while the effect are children not easy moving and they will have health problems.


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