General vs IELTS academic writing

Academic writing, as the name implies, is the kind of writing that you are required to do in college or university. It differ from other kinds of writing such as personal, literary, journalistic, or business writing. Its differences can be explained in part by its special audience, tone and purpose.

Now, are there any differences between general academic writing and IELTS writing?

I say yes, there are at least three reasons do why general and IELTS writing differ. I do not talk about the structure or grammar, even special audience, tone and purpose.

The first is the data used. In general academic writing, the data we used are vary dan generated from research, while in IELTS writing, it is provided and limited. Another difference is the topic. When write in IELTS, we have a very spesific topic to develop essay, meanwhile in general academic writing, the topic is all yours. It is depend on your expertise and experience. Finnaly we get “time” that makes IELTS and general academic writing differ. We have shorter time in IELTS than in general academic.


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