A place to live (1)

Some people prefer to live in a big city, while other think it is better in a small, rural village.
Which would you prefer?

Living in a small, rural village is a happiness for me. I and my little family can enjoy fresh air in the morning and sound of crickets in the night. People in village still have a good neigborhood. They visit each other to build a relationship. Sometimes if a neighbor has food, he send it to his neighbor. Also when they have problem with environment, for example, the road broke, they come together and helping to fix it.

I prefer to stay in village to get rest better after working in big city. Everyday in a big city, we meet traffic jam that it can stress us. So when I come to home in village, everything stressed up me is gone.

I can imagine how people can live in a big city after they have a very crowded situation. How stressed they are. Althoug in a big city they can easily get many resources such as food, education, entertainment, transportation, and so on, but we can also get in a village. Our government has desentralised infrastructure development. So that, access to village now is more opened. I am not worried to live in village.

That is my first essay in IELTS preparation. It’s a messy essay, isn’t it?


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