Evaluation of Matching:

If information retrieval were perfect …
Every hit would be relevant to the original query, and every relevant item in the body of information would be found.

Precision: percentage (or fraction) of the hits that are
relevant, i.e., the extent to which the set of hits
retrieved by a query satisfies the requirement that
generated the query.

Recall: percentage (or fraction) of the relevant items that are
found by the query, i.e., the extent to which the query
found all the items that satisfy the requirement

Collection of 10,000 documents, 50 on a specific topic
Ideal search finds these 50 documents and reject all others
Actual search identifies 25 documents; 20 are relevant but 5 were on other topics
Precision: 20/ 25 = 0.8 (80% of hits were relevant)
Recall: 20/50 = 0.4 (40% of relevant were found)


3 Responses to Evaluation of Matching:

  1. monik says:

    Kelompok 3

    Topik Corruption Indonesia
    Tahun 2011
    World Development

    Jumlah temuan : 27
    Jumlah temuan relevan : 15 (55,5%)
    Jumlah temuan yang tidak sesuai : 12 (44,5%)

  2. Anih says:

    Untuk jenis jurnal dan buku:
    Jumlah temuan total (all years) : 96 pages (4761 artikel)
    Jumlah temuan dengan subject ‘social science’ : 51 pages (2506 artikel)
    Jumlah yang relevan (mulai tahun 2001) : 29 pages (1432 artikel)
    Jumlah yang relevan (mulai 2005) : 22 pages (1058 artikel)

    Untuk jurnal aja, mulai tahun 2005:
    Jumlah yang relevan : 20 pages (985 artikel)
    Yang termuat di judul: tidak ada
    Yang termuat di keyword dan abstrak: 1 pages (1 artikel)

  3. Kelompok 2 - EKP says:

    Topik Public Policy

    Jumlah temuan sesuai topik ”Public Policy” : 7.344
    Batasan Indonesia : 304
    Batasan Indonesia, tahun ( 2006 hingga sekarang) 130
    Batasan Indonesia, tahun, jurnal 113
    Batasan Indonesia, tahun, jurnal, jurnal of economics, Econometrics, and Finance 39

    Jumlah temuan sesuai topik ”Public Policy” 39
    Jumlah temuan relevan 1 (3%)
    Jumlah temuan yang tidak relevan 38 (97%)

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