Skin Lightening or Whitening Products (Band: 5, 268 words)


Promoted everyday in TV’s commercials, skin whitening products have reached their market. In many parts of the world, there is a profitable market for skin lightening or whitening products. This essay will discuss the reasons for using products and having effects in term of health and society.

People use skin whitening products for several reasons. Wanting beautiful look is a common reason. Many beauty contests organised were campaigning new mindset that looked lighten or whiten skin is more beatiful. People get influenced and buy more products of skin whitening. Sponsored by cosmetics manufacturers, beauty contests were succesful to attract many people buy their products. Another reason why people use skin whitening products is to be accepted in special community, such as socialita club. The high standard of their lifestyle need the members have good look in skin and face. So they try to use whitening products in order to make their look suitable with other members.

Using whitening products can caused several effects to skin itself. Skin irritation which is the most seeing effect is the one. Whitening products containing harm ingredients can make skin inflamate and look burning. Every skin has characteristic that sometimes is not suitable with those ingredients. Using whitening products also can cause bad relationship in community. They are on racing of buying new products and do not realize the bad effect on health and society.

In sum up, people have reasons in using whitening products in order to want beautiful look and to accepted in social community. While using products also causes some effect such as skin irritation and bad relationship in community.

Overweight in Children (Band: NOT ASSESSED, 257 words)


Overweight in children had been a serious health problem, especially in western society. The percentage of overweight in children has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years. This essay will discuss the causes and effect of this disturbing trend.

Overweight in children can be caused by several things. First, it is fast food restaurants. Many fast food restaurants which are provided food containing high fats and calories were opened in the las ten years. Children are very like these kind of food. They can easily reach the restaurants where the food can be bought in a cheap price. Another cause is less exercise. Children have less exercise also caused overweight. They prefer watch TV and play video games rather than play some exercises. By not doing exercise, their body get fats and calories more and more. As result, they are overweight.

Having a body with overweight is bad for children as it has several effects. Overweight made children not easy moving. They can not move and play with their friends because their body is heavy. Overweight also triggers health problems such as diabetes. Overwehgt indicates the body has much fat and sugar as calories. In fact, diabetes is a diesease as effect of consuming much sugar and problem with insulin hormone.

In sum up, there are several causes and effects that can be found in overweight children. Some causes are many fast food restaurants were opened and children had less exercise, while the effect are children not easy moving and they will have health problems.

Global Warming (Band: 5.5, 280 words)


The increase of earth temperature is known as global warming effect as a part of climate change. Commonly, people believe that human activity caused directly to climate change problems, but experts found that natural weather-cycles are the cause of climate change. I strongly believe natural weather-cycles are the cause of climate change.

Global warming can be caused by several human activities. First of all is that it is deforestation. People cut trees from the forest massively for pulp industries and agriculture. Trees in the Earth produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. When number of trees decreased, the Earth will much hotter. The second cause that it is fuels oxidation. People use an enormous number of fuels to operate vehicles. Fuels oxidation will produce so many quantity of carbon dioxide that can hold heat from earth surface. The heat will not be released and results earth temperature hotter and hotter. This is called greenhouse gas effect.

Global warming also can be caused by natural weather-cycles. First, it is polar ice melting. Every year, the ice in North Polar and South Polar melt as a result of natural weather-cycles. Volume of sea level will increase and warm water will fulfil other part of sea. Another cause is that it is the change of position between the Earth, the Moon and and the Sun. Sometimes it caused earth temperature is getting hotter. This change influence the global warming.

In sum up, global warming can be caused by several things. Human activities such as deforestation and fuel oxidation are the most causes. Not only humman activity can cause global warming, but also natural weathe-cycles such as polar ice melting and chame of planet position.

General vs IELTS academic writing


Academic writing, as the name implies, is the kind of writing that you are required to do in college or university. It differ from other kinds of writing such as personal, literary, journalistic, or business writing. Its differences can be explained in part by its special audience, tone and purpose.

Now, are there any differences between general academic writing and IELTS writing?

I say yes, there are at least three reasons do why general and IELTS writing differ. I do not talk about the structure or grammar, even special audience, tone and purpose.

The first is the data used. In general academic writing, the data we used are vary dan generated from research, while in IELTS writing, it is provided and limited. Another difference is the topic. When write in IELTS, we have a very spesific topic to develop essay, meanwhile in general academic writing, the topic is all yours. It is depend on your expertise and experience. Finnaly we get “time” that makes IELTS and general academic writing differ. We have shorter time in IELTS than in general academic.

A place to live (1)


Some people prefer to live in a big city, while other think it is better in a small, rural village.
Which would you prefer?

Living in a small, rural village is a happiness for me. I and my little family can enjoy fresh air in the morning and sound of crickets in the night. People in village still have a good neigborhood. They visit each other to build a relationship. Sometimes if a neighbor has food, he send it to his neighbor. Also when they have problem with environment, for example, the road broke, they come together and helping to fix it.

I prefer to stay in village to get rest better after working in big city. Everyday in a big city, we meet traffic jam that it can stress us. So when I come to home in village, everything stressed up me is gone.

I can imagine how people can live in a big city after they have a very crowded situation. How stressed they are. Althoug in a big city they can easily get many resources such as food, education, entertainment, transportation, and so on, but we can also get in a village. Our government has desentralised infrastructure development. So that, access to village now is more opened. I am not worried to live in village.

That is my first essay in IELTS preparation. It’s a messy essay, isn’t it?

2014 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 31,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Berkunjung ke Masjid Niujie, Beijing – Tiongkok


Pertengahan tahun 2014 yang lalu, saya berkesempatan mengikuti workshop internasional di negeri Tiongkok, tepatnya di kota Beijing. Alhamdulillah Alloh swt memberikan kesempatan tersebut untuk saya, sehingga saya bisa merasakan kata petuah Arab yang sangat masyhur, yakni “Tuntutlah Ilmu sampai ke negeri Cina” 🙂 . Jauh sebelum ajaran Islam diturunkan Allah SWT, bangsa Cina memang telah mencapai peradaban yang amat tinggi. Kala itu, masyarakat Negeri Tirai Bambu sudah menguasai beragam khazanah kekayaan ilmu pengetahuan dan peradaban.

2014-06-13 15.30.17Dalam salah satu kesempatan yang memungkinkan untuk berpesiar di sela-sela waktu workshop, saya berupaya untuk mencari masjid terdekat dari tempat kegiatan, yaitu Masjid Nuijie. Perjalanan saya menuju masjid tersebut cukup berliku. Meski sebenarnya letaknya tidak terlalu jauh dan dapat ditempuh dengan kereta bawah tanah kemudian menyambung dengan bus, sebagai orang asing dan ditambah minimnya petunjuk jalan beraksara latin serta jarangnya orang pribumi yang dapat diajak komunikasi, menyebabkan saya memperoleh pengalaman berharga yang sulit terlupakan. Kesempatan pertama menemukan masjid tersebut, saya tiba pada waktu yang cukup malam dan masjid sudah akan ditutup. Alhamdulillah oleh marbot masjid, saya diperkenankan untuk menunaikan sholat ‘Isya.

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